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About Margie

I work in this beautiful city of Portland and I see people every day who are searching for a connection to something or someone. Located in Southeast Portland, I want people to walk in my door and feel safe enough to be vulnerable and willing to experience discomfort in order to get to that place where they can do the work necessary to begin to feel happy and peaceful.

What I love about this setting is that it aligns with my deepest purpose for my clients. So many of them come to therapy because they don't believe they can be happy.  Here, they can begin to experience the joy of being 'good enough' in simple yet profound ways. In this reflective setting they develop within themselves new-found strengths with which to overcome the pain they are experiencing and achieve goals they had previously thought impossible. 

I love being an agent for change...assisting people in creating the lives they choose and developing in wonderful, dynamic, exciting ways they previously have only dreamed of.  We each deserve to live the lives of our dreams.

Margie Chance, LPC, CADC-I

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor (CADC-I), a Certified Core Belief Psychotherapist SM (CCBP), and I hold a Certificate in Divorce Mediation.

At Portland State University I earned my undergraduate degree, then later went on to earn an M.A. at Antioch University-Seattle in 1999. I became licensed in Oregon in January 2003, (Lic. #C1465)** and earned my CADC-I in 2001. In December 2006 I earned my CCBP after three months of specialized training. For additional information about CBPSM, click on the CBP link on my Resources page.
For the past three years I participated in the Certificate Program, Interpersonal Neurobiology, in the Continuing Education Dept. at Portland State. I completed my Certificate in September, 2012. Interpersonal Neurobiology, or IPNB, is (for lack of a better description) "...an interdisciplinary view of the mind and mental health." (Daniel Siegel, 1999)  It is interdisciplinary in that IPNB seeks perspectives from all related fields of science: Sociology, Biology, Psychology, Conflict Resolution, etc.  IPNB considers how our behavior and thoughts physically shape our ever-changing, growing brains, and in turn, how our brains shape our behaviors and perceptions. IPNB provides the foundation for all of my clinical work. 

I'm a member of the ACA--American Counseling Association since 1998, ORCA--Oregon Counselors Association, and OMHCA--Oregon Mental Health Counselors Association.

In 1992 I began working as a Residential Counselor at a locked residential program for adolescent girls. I've worked in various other residential facilities for boys and girls of all ages. Additionally, I spent a year as an Outpatient Counselor working with children 3-17, and their families.

While I've worked in the mental health field for 18 years, I have 11 years post graduate, clinical experience as a Counselor and two years experience in management, having worked as the Clinical Supervisor during my 5 years at Morrison Child & Family Services Breakthrough program. Breakthrough is a day treatment program for adolescents with substance abuse and various mental health issues (adjudicated youth in temporary custody of the Oregon Youth Authority). While at Breakthrough I facilitated 5-6 hours of groups each week, including a weekly multifamily group. I also conducted weekly family counseling sessions with each of my clients and their families.

Prior to opening my Practice I focused much of my work on serving adolescent females, and served as the Female Gender Specialist at Morrison Breakthrough for five years. In this role I worked with other Gender Specialists in the field, and attended a group called the federation Girls Continuum Committee. This Committee is attended by professionals who currently serve adolescent girls in a variety of modalities. Currently I am a member of the Coalition of Advocates for Equal Access for Girls, which is an organization open to professionals who work to meet the needs of girls in the community. I have experience in employee supervision, and I have supervised Counseling Interns for licensure since 2003.  I continue to provide Intern Supervision in my Practice now. (See my Services page.)


In 2004 I opened my Private Practice and since then I've served a wide variety of clients--couples, families and individual clients. I really enjoy working with young adults and have a great amount of experience in serving young women from adolescence through their 30's. That said, I work very well with both men and women of varying ages. And of course, when working with adolescents it is often necessary to work with their families as well. I began developing my skills with families in 1999 in various agencies in which I worked. In my private practice I have enjoyed becoming increasingly more skilled in working with couples as well. All of my work is done in a collaborative environment, making sure to respect each client's innate knowledge of themselves.

I take the quality of therapy I provide very seriously. As a skilled and seasoned therapist, I understand the importance of providing my clients with services which are considered to be best practice. And in order to do this--to provide checks and balances for my clinical thinking and decision making--I obtain regular consultation with licensed professionals. Without identifying any of my clients I consult on client issues with this psychologist in order to gain a fresh perspective from my own. In this way my clients are more likely to obtain therapeutic advice and services with best practice interventions in mind. Of course, anyone who does not wish me to discuss their issues in consultation will have an opportunity to let me know when we begin our therapeutic relationship.

** The Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors & Therapists may be contacted at:      
    3218 Pringle Road S.E., #250, Salem, OR 97302, or call them at 503.378.5499.

~~ If you need more information, please don't hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail ~~



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