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Everyone wants to be happy and peaceful, to have people--their own people--in their lives. Everyone wants to experience wholeness and wellness. I help people learn to achieve this...beginning with becoming that person for one's self. I work with my clients to achieve many goals, including:

  • Learning to Reduce Stress and Achieve Peace of Mind,
  • Become More Peaceful through Reduction of Anger, Depression & Anxiety,
  • Explore Self Awareness and Increase Self Esteem,
  • Reveal Personal Values and Develop Personal Boundaries,
  • Develop and Strengthen Precious Relationships,
  • Reduce and Resolve Conduct & Behavior problems in Adolescents,
  • Become and Remain Clean and Sober from Substances of Abuse,
  • Learn about Gender Differences and Work through Gender Issues,
  • ...and many more...


Adult Individuals -- Collaboration and partnering is important to the therapeutic process. With a foundation in Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) concepts, I work to build a right-brain-to-right-brain connection with my client. In each session I attend to my client's perspectives regarding her/his own functioning and perspectives regarding the session, my attention to their needs, whether or not they feel heard, and their feelings about the session in general. This way I am more certain my client's personal, chosen goals are the focus during every session. I start with each individual's strengths, and work toward a result of wholeness and wellness. 

Couples -- I utilize various tools and techniques to assist both partners in every couple to determine what is either not being said or not being heard. Using IPNB concepts I work to help my couples deconstruct the walls they have built to protect themselves, in an effort to become vulnerable, and therefore, intimately closer to their partner.  Often, couples have developed problems which include loss or lack of trust, and poor communication. I strive to assist the couple in defining the problem, setting therapeutic goals, and working toward achieving these goals in ways that intimately connect the couple. 

Adolescents -- With the primary goal of strengthening the parent/child bond, most often I work with the parents to assist them in making changes in how they address their child's behaviors. I believe in supporting the parent to consider their thoughts, beliefs and actions with regard to their child. What is already working? What doesn't work and is in need of change? Occasionally the adolescent requires his or her own time with me for processing the unique issues they are struggling with in their lives--but this requires some commitment on the part of the teen, and some sophistication or maturity. On a more rare basis I will work with the entire family together.

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Counselor Internship Supervision

As a Board Approved Supervisor, I provide regular supervision for Oregon Counseling Interns. For more information about these services, please click on the link above.


I utilize many different therapeutic methods in the work I do, including but not limited to some of the more traditional methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Gestalt, Feminist Theory, Motivational Interviewing/Enhancement Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)...as well as more Mind/Body/Spirit methods such as Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Core Belief Psychotherapy (CBPSM), and utilizing one's personal spirituality.

Two concepts are most important to the work I do:   Wellness and Collaboration.  No matter how depleted or damaged we may feel, we all have strengths within us. Looking for and utilizing those strenths, I assist my clients in moving within and toward Wellness at all times.  One of the best ways I know to achieve this is through collaboration. This means that you know your life and needs best. Sometimes we are not aware of what we know about ourselves though, and my role as your therapist is to assist you in a process of removing layers that cover or conceal that self-awareness--that wellness. And, because I work collaboratively with my client, you will decide when you are done with therapy, utilizing my assistance as needed. All of this takes place in a safe and confidential environment which I will work to create and maintain, at a pace which you set for this healing work to be achieved. 

Top Photos are of the Waiting Room at Heart Centered Psychotherapy

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